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Since the early 1990s Propergation Estates has been the heart and mind of various commercial property developments, predominantly in the Tyger Valley area, including Edward I,II,III,IV, Tudor I & II, Multiclinic, High street 6-8, Bella Rosa Mini Factories, Standard Bank - Hermanus, Rosen Castle - Bellville and others. Lambertus van Zyl (CEO) has a trained eye for spotting development opportunities, whether commercial, industrial or even residential. Every economically feasible project is carefully selected. Our involvement is full circle: from the identification to the zoning application, finance and project management, to tenant and property administration. click here to view our recent developments.

click here to view our recent developments

Propergation Estates has also been involved in a number of re-development projects over the past number of years. Whilst we focus on new development opportunities, our secondary focus is also to identify re-development opportunities. Each re-development opportunity is carefully evaluated for its economic viability. Only once the economic viability is found to be very positive, would we embark on planning and execution of the project.

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One of the key steps in any successful development or re-development is to successfully apply for the relevant rezoning. We have the necessary skills in-house and are very successful in our zoning and rezoning applications.