About us

Company History

Propergation Management was founded by the late Lambertus van Zyl in the late 1980s. Lambertus van Zyl has been the heart and mind behind various commercial property developments in the Tygervalley and Hermanus areas for the last 25 years. The unfortunate passing of Lambertus van Zyl during April 2018 necessitated some management changes going forward.

The remaining team is however very confident that the necessary leadership skills have been instilled in the management team over the last few years so that the company can look forward to many prosperous years going forward.

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One of the objectives is to grow and manage the investment property portfolio, whilst focusing on shareholders' value and return on property investment. Subsequent 1980s the property investment portfolio has grown to more than R 650 million. The current objective is to limit the group's exposure to non-core properties and the management team has been tasked to identify and dispose of non-core properties.


Our strategy is to play an integral part in all aspects of property management. From the inception of the idea, zoning, planning, finance and project development to tenant and building administration. We have a very qualified and experienced team to help us succeed in our strategy. Over the years we have been very successful in the following property-related areas: project management, commercial leasing and sales, property administration, facilities management, sectional title administration, promotions and marketing, investment management and financial and risk management.

Mission and Vision

Growing our investment property portfolio with quality commercial properties, focusing on maximizing property returns through excellent property management services, whilst maintaining our values such as conservatism, integrity and a work/family life balance. We believe that a strong team and a thorough knowledge and experience of the commercial property industry are very important fundamentals of our business/growth.
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