Property Administration

History and Strategy

The property management department was formed during 1980 to manage the different properties that the group acquired or developed. Currently we manage 45 properties on behalf of the owners and our management portfolio consists of 130 office / retail / residential tenants. Our largest property under management is the High Street Complex in Rosenpark, Bellville. The Bella Rosa Village comprises 6 buildings with a GLA of 20 477m2. We deliver a full range of property management services, ensuring that the property owners have a hassle-free and pleasurable experience in owning a property. Our focus is to maximise the return for the property owner by carefully selecting and managing tenants that suit the building’s commercial profile and to manage vacancies to a minimum.


    Tenant administration:
  • Monthly invoicing
  • Rental collection and bad debt administration

    Building expenses and utilities:
  • Administration of expenses and payments
  • Utilities payments and recovery from tenants

  • Monthly accounting, income and expenses, balance sheet

    Property reporting:
  • Monthly management reports, income and expenses, balance sheet
  • Annual rent roll for cash flow/budget and valuation purposes
  • Average rental calculations/vacancy reports

    Budget and expense control:
  • Detailed budget per property and actual budget comparisons

    Statutory returns:
  • E-filing (VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF), CIPRO, tax and IRP6 returns

    Financial statements (IFRS for SMEs):
  • Annual financial statements and audit preparation

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